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Resilient Florida 

Grant Opportunities


The Resilient Florida Programs offer a variety of funding opportunities to assist eligible entities in assessing the risks of, planning for, and adapting to flooding and sea level rise under s. 380.093, F.S. This includes analysis of vulnerabilities and risks, and the development of plans and policies so that communities can identify and prepare for the aforementioned risks. Building off these informed planning efforts, eligible recipients can propose projects that address risks from flooding and sea level rise so that community resources and assets are more resilient to these hazards. 

         Please review the links provided by each grant type for details specific to each funding program

1.  Resilient Florida Grant Program                  Critical Assets List               Vulnerability Assessment Requirements

The purpose of these funds is to promote community resilience planning in Florida’s communities by supporting:

  • Comprehensive plan amendments and necessary analyses for complying with “Peril of Flood” statute (Sec. 163.3178(2)(f) F.S.) for communities with a Coastal Management Element in their comprehensive plan;
  • Vulnerability assessments, other than that necessary for compliance with Peril of Flood, that identify or address risks of flooding and sea level rise;
  • Development of adaptation/resilience plans, projects, and policies that allow for preparation for threats from flooding and sea level rise;
  • Projects to adapt critical assets to the effects of flooding and sea level rise.


2.  Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan         Evaluation Criteria  

The purpose of these funds is to assist Florida’s communities in adapting to and mitigating the effects of sea level rise and flooding by supporting:

  • Projects identified through a local vulnerability assessment that address the risks of flooding and sea level rise to coastal and inland communities within the state;
  • Projects that mitigate the risks of flooding and sea level rise on water supplies or water resources of the state.


3.  Regional Resilience Entities     

  • Provide technical assistance to counties and municipalities;
  • Coordinate multijurisdictional vulnerability assessments;
  • Develop project proposals to be submitted for inclusion in the Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan.

A Regional Resilience Entity is a coalition of local governments who must have an MOU/MOA, or an equivalent, in order to be eligible to apply.


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